NFC Reader Macros

Hi, I’m new to this forum. I’m developing an NFC Tag reader for sticky cards to attach to filament spools.
My question is this:
I have developed an ESP32 Web Server that allows you to read one or more TAG(s) and update them. With a JSON response I can read the TAG to know the amount of filament length left, the weight, the printing temperature for the first layer and others, the filament type and color. This is to avoid having half-completed prints due to lack of material. I have already seen that the major Slicers have produced all the necessary data within the GCODE (at least the derived Slic3r Slicers). So all it takes is a Python script to act as a parser for the GCODE, get the data, make a REST request to the ESP32 and verify that all the material is available. At the end of the print, a Python script will send a REST PUT to the ESP32 to update the data on the TAG. So I move on to the question, is this all doable with a couple of macros?

Nice setup, but IMO macros and such are not well suited for this approach.
This should be integrated into Moonraker.
Best thing would be to open an issue in GitHub - Arksine/moonraker: Web API Server for Klipper to further discuss it.
Alternatively, this also looks like a nice extension to GitHub - Donkie/Spoolman: Keep track of your inventory of 3D-printer filament spools.

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