No trigger on probe after full movement

Basic Information:

Printer Model: JG Maker Artist-D IDEX
MCU / Printerboard: MKS Robin Pro
klippy.log (367.9 KB)
printer (1).cfg (12.5 KB)

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Ok, Please read what I wrote. This printer that I am using for configuring and leaning does not have a bed that is even close to level. There really is not need becasue the bed can not be leveled.

I have other printers just like this one, and I do not want to convert them until I lock this config down.

So, to be absolutely clear, this error is part of the why, but the feature I understood to make this a non-issue is not functioning as I understand it.

sensor_pin: PA11
control_pin: PA8
z_offset: 0
x_offset: -35
Y_offset: 0
speed: 5
lift_speed: 50
samples: 3
samples_result: average
samples_tolerance: 50
samples_tolerance_retries: 3
sample_retract_dist: 2
stow_on_each_sample: false
probe_with_touch_mode: false
#deactivate_gcode:G28 X

speed: 120
horizontal_move_z: 5
mesh_min: 30, 30
mesh_max: 260, 260
probe_count: 5, 5
zero_reference_position: 155, 155
algorithm: bicubic
bicubic_tension: 0.2
#move_check_distance: 5
split_delta_z: .025
fade_start: 1
fade_end: 10
fade_target: 0
# Default Value: 3, 3
# The number of points to probe on each axis, specified as X, Y integer values. 
# In this example 5 points will be probed along the X axis, with 3 points along the 
# Y axis, for a total of 15 probed points. Note that if you wanted a square grid, 
# for example 3x3, this could be specified as a single integer value that is used 
# for both axes, ie probe_count: 3. 
# Note that a mesh requires a minimum probe_count of 3 along each axis.
# G29 L35 R270 F20 B260 V4 ; Bed Leveling (Bilinear)

samples_tolerance is defined as:

The maximum Z distance (in mm) that a sample may differ from other
#   samples. If this tolerance is exceeded then either an error is
#   reported or the attempt is restarted (see
#   samples_tolerance_retries). The default is 0.100mm.

It was my understanding that this is in Millimeters, and is the maximum delta that any measurement can be out before erroring. It says nothing about a maximum and anything higher will be ignored. I made it 50 becasue it does not m matter for testing. Unfortunately it still produces an error. It also does not try to any retries even though I specified 3.

It homes without issue, just fails on the first mesh probe. I know it is likely a few mm off from the center where it homed. All wires, bltouch swapping, and otherwise has been done. Including the motherboard just to make sure. I turned the front bed leveling nut and it would probe the first one, fail a few later.

This looks like it will fail even if the samples_tolerance is not crossed. there is absolutely no way any two points are 50mm apart.

Does anyone have any experience with this feature, or know what the real celling is for it?


I’m not sure what you are now trying to achieve :face_with_spiral_eyes:

samples_tolerance is the allowed deviation within n samples. So if you take 3 samples then none may deviate more than this value among each other

If you use a probe for homing Z, then you have to insert a slightly negative position_min value to [stepper_z]

position_min: -2

This value will change during calibration.
If -2 is not enough, try -3 etc.

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