Port klippy to STM32MH563ZI

I am student and I have a project to port klippy to STM32MH563ZI.
We use UP4000 for our Klipper Host: this part is installed with kiauh (thanks to them!).

I saw that we can already build and flash from Klipper Host/KIAUTH for STM32H723, STM32H743 and STM32H750
My question is: do you plan to port klippy to STM32MH563ZI?
If not, can you provide help/advice to develop custom code to port klippy to STM32MH563ZI?
Any help/advice is welcome!
Thank you

I’m not aware of anyone currently working on that chip. There is a few tips on porting Klipper at Code overview - Klipper documentation . Porting to a new micro-controller is a challenging task.


thank you for your reply and yes, I think it is challenging! not sure we will be able to do that…
Let’s see…
Happy New Year!