Integrate STEVAL-3DP001 MCU

because i am heavily using the STM32 family of processors and baught a STEVAL-3DP001 some time ago, i decided to try a port of this board, which is based on a STM32F401VE. I tried to follow the klipper path for integration of new MCUs and the code compiled well. But i stuck at the step to connect between klipper and the backend.
Usually i write my STM applications using the CUBE-MX development tools. This approach does not fit well into the integration path klipper supports. The big advantage of the CUBE-MX tools is portability to other STM32 CPUs because of a quite high abstraction in the HAL and LL levels of libraries.
My question/proposal:

  • does it make sense, to create the mcu program in the STM IDE using the generic parts from klipper as a library?
  • is there a documention of the functionality supplied by the klipper generic part? (pointer welcome :slight_smile: )

My further planing is to create a printer backend using the smart L6470 stepper driver and its stall detection feature for endstop

Regards Kurt

The stm32f401 chip is already supported by Klipper, so you should be able to select it in “make menuconfig”, flash it, and then run.

Earlier on, Klipper did use the stm32 HAL and LL library code. Unfortunately, it did not work well - the overall quality of those libraries aren’t great. We found it was easier to maintain the code if we wrote directly to the hardware.