Position_max: 200

I ran into such a problem, I launched a vase with a height of 210 millimeters into print, and in the config, the risk was to lose the print of 200 millimeters (position_max: 200 ). print probability dimensions are allowed at 210 mm. the print has started safely and is aimed at 200mm. I have a question: is it possible to implement the implementation of the G-code in the klipper on the print settings and print zone settings? yes, I understand, it was just possible to set a height of 210 in the slicer and then there would be no problem, but such an incident happened.

  • The task of the firmware is to prevent damage to the printer. E.g. if you move out of the safe bounds, Klipper will error out
  • It is the task of the slicer to slice within the allowed boundaries of the defined machine
  • It is your task to setup the slicer correctly.

IMO there is no need to implement double and triple safe-guards and make the firmware unnecessarily complex and hard to maintain.