Precise belt tension for corexy

Hi, was just wondering if it would be possible to use part of the process used during resonance test to fine tune corexy belt tension.

During resonance both motor are active since it test x movement direction and y movement direction. Those movement require to activate both the motor.

But if motor are activate to do a 45 degree movement first in one direction and then in the other we will have activation of 1 stepper at the time. If we do this first for 1 motor and the for the other or doing it for the same frequency first for one and then for the other is the head is positioned in the middle of the plate we will be able to see (and eventually measure with the adxl) the exact resonance frequency of the single belt and have a precise way to equally tension the belt.
In addition this will isolate and test the work of 1 of the belt at a time so it should potentially allow to test and see problem involving the specific motor-belt-iddler-pulley on the chain.

any thought on this approach ?

Maybe if you also mount the sensor at 45 deg you could tell whether you have uneven tension between A and B belts.

There was some research done on this last year. My general understanding is that there was some success using the accelerometer to “check the belts” - primarily to check if the belts have even tension. Eddie had a video on this at: 3D Printer Mechanics: Belt Tension and Resonance - YouTube

Ultimately, though, I don’t know of anyone that has taken this to the point of an automated analysis tool.