Printer.cfg vs slicer profiles

It seems like a lot of the tuning params (like pressure_advance) are specified in printer.cfg, but (may) vary with temperature and filament type. Is there a way to set PA specifically – and other parameters more generally – via custom g-code in the slicer config?

All supported g-codes are at this link.

For pressure advance you would use SET_PRESSURE_ADVANCE EXTRUDER=<config_name> ADVANCE=<pressure_advance>

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Thanks, Jake. I’ll update here if I find any others that are relevant. I thought there was at least one aside from the pressure advance, but I’m blanking on it, now. :slightly_smiling_face:

All the parameters that can be controlled from Gcode in the slicer are in the Gcodes document.

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I like to have this options in printer.cfg so I don’t need to resclice that much…


#rotation_distance: 26.71 #ABS
rotation_distance: 25.114 #PLA
#rotation_distance: 26.185 #wood

pressure_advance: 0.046665 #PLA
#pressure_advance: 0.06665 #petg

rotation_distance is reflecting the properties of your mechanical system and IMO should not be used to tune filament specific properties.

You can use macros to switch filaments and use:
Refer to the link posted by @jakep_82 for the command and to @mental excellent macro tutorial: Macro Creation Tutorial

as the filaments I use have a little bit different structures and diameter-tolerances do a calibrating (measure and extrude 100mm) with each filament-type and as I get different results I could change the feedrate in slicer or at the printer or I can change the rotation_distance

same for pressure advance as all this stuff depends on the filament (and extruder and hotend and environment)

I don’t say it’s the best solution for everyone to set this options in printer-cfg but I like it
and at most I like to have the option - thank you klipper
if you may use different sclicers and test and change a lot it’s sometimes good to know some parameters are ‘always correct’ :wink:

oh and another great option is to use SET_EXTRUDER_STEP_DISTANCE, SET_PRESSURE_ADVANCE, etc. in you start-macro so it’s all at one place