Fine tuning troubles (pressure advance/bed size)

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Sidewinder X2
MCU / Printerboard: Ruby

So my Sidewinder has a nominal print area of 300x300.
However the bed (Y) can move up to 313 until hitting the end.
This places the nozzle fully behind the bed (which is great for purging etc.)

So how do I setup my .cfg to allow movement up to 313 on Y but restrict printing to a max of 300?
Do I need to adjust the slicers, too? Using Cura&Orca.

my pressure advance test looks all the same for me. See the attached picture.
I am using an upgraded extruder with a titanium heatbreak and a Phaetus .6 nozzle.

Any of you experts can guide me on reading the test result?
Dont mind the crappy first layer, the filament roll was partly stuck and the extruder had a hard time pulling it.

When you opened this thread, there was a paragraph you have deleted.


Please attach the klippy.log to your next post.

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when a driving learner asks you a question about theory lessons, you gonna deny him any answer because he has no drivers license?

I really dont see how my log would help in any way (for these specific questions)

Sorry for wasting your valuable time.

You don’t. In the firmware you define the physical limits of the machine.

Yes. The slicer is where you would enforce the allowable printing area. Configure your slicer for a 300x300 bed so it will not allow you to export gcode that sends the toolhead outside that area.

That PA test looks underextruded to me so I’m not sure how useful it is. Yes the first layer clearly is, but all of the test lines appear to be as well. The bottom-most set of lines looks the best to me, but that may simply be because the photo is unfocused there. I would make sure your rotation distance is properly configured first, and that you’ve dialed in the extrusion rate for that specific filament before you run the PA calibration.

Try using the test proposed in the official documentation. IMO, it better shows the PA effects and is less susceptible to first layer issues