Probe_calibrate does not work properly

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender 5 Plus
MCU / Printerboard: SKR Mini E3 V3
klippy-3.log (1.3 MB)

Describe your issue:

I installed an SKR Mini e3 v3 board as my stock board went out. I am using RaspPi 4b and TFT 50 screen, All seem to perform as expected. Touch screen etc. Printer Homes correctly, Thermistors read right, temps go up and down correctly and fans are all working as expected.

I’m not sure if there’s an error in one of my XXX.cfg files. but I made my [stepper_z] position_min: -6 and everything right up to the point where I go to run the probe_calibrate works seemingly fine.

Once I run probe_calibrate I get the pop-up menu and when I try to move ANY of the directions using ANY of the blue buttons, or any “advanced” microincrements under 1mm- the z axis seems to just go up and then right back down -maybe traveling 1mm or so(and then right back to the starting point).

The probe_calibrate KINDA WORKS - ONLY via utilization of the 1mm increment in the “advanced” options, the micro increments don’t work

I’m guessing maybe its’ something from the sensorless homing capabilities of the 2209’s on the mini e3v3 board and how those blue bottons are configured compared to the “advanced” buttons, but the small incriments just dont seem to work at all…

I just wanted to report the issue and ask if there’s a known way to fix?


The Z axis moves up and back down during this process to eliminate backlash. It’s not possible to visibly see a .01mm move, so it’s likely that it’s working as expected. The micro adjustments are meant to be done with a piece of paper under the nozzle so you can feel the nozzle grabbing the paper as it gets closer to the build plate.

In your printer.cfg what is the [stepper z] position_min set at?