Probe Scanning on X/Y instead of Z: How-to do it?

I was wondering how to modify the Probe movement to scan along X/Y instead of Z, in order to implement BED Skew compensation similar to Prusa MK2/MK3 (the induction probe scans along X/Y sensing the misalignement of metallic discs embedded in the Heated Bed and calculate the Bed skew from there).

In the .py files I’m not able to find the row which tells to Probe scan along Z (in order to modify it toscan along X or Y)

thank you

I might be misunderstanding the Prusa feature but for me it is the same as Klipper’s bed mesh. The only difference being the fact that Prusa is using 9 predefined spots as target for their inductive probing. In fact a 3 x 3 mesh.

That’s the bed mesh… and it’s already in Klipper too

But on the Prusa there is another feature, called XYZ Calibration, which scans 4 points on the bed in order to detect the skew angle of the axis (you can see the scanning at the minute 4:10 of the linked video) , and correct them via software.

This feature requires the points to be scanned in X and Y instead of Z

Ah, k understood. It is doing an automated version of Skew correction - Klipper documentation because their software knows the default distance of their Prusa standard bed.

Such a feature would in fact be limited to a bed, which has 4 precisely known reference locations. Nice for a printer manufacturer and his well defined hardware but for a general purpose approach quite limited IMO.

Correct, but owning a Prusa running Klipper I would like to implement an “extra/”

I just wanted to understand where the “scan along Z” for the probe movement is specified

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Did you ever figure out how to do this? I’m putting Klipper on my MK3S and I don’t want manual skew correction, esp since I’m trying to document this entire process and reduce workload for others who come after me.

Unfortunately not, I moved to the manual skew correction