Recomendation testing ground build

Basic Information:

Printer Model: N/A
MCU / Printerboard:N/A

Fill out above information and in all cases attach your klippy.log file. Pasting your printer.cfg is not needed

Describe your issue:

Its is not a issue…

I’ve been trying to configure a Canboard (EBB42+U2C) for some time and I’m having a hard time finding the configuration… I assume this is the case, and that’s not the problem.

The most problematic thing about this is that while I find the correct configuration, I am without the 3d printer. I’ve thought that so that this doesn’t happen to me again, I’d build myself a “testing ground” with the spare parts I have… I’ve made an inventory and I think I only need a controller board and a PSU…
This test team would have the mission of when I want to install a component in the I3D, before I install it in the test team (Connections, Klipper configuration, dynamic tests,…) before passing it to the printer…

The question is:
What combination of controller board and PSU do you recommend?
Apart from other ideas that I am looking forward to hearing, I am looking for:

  • Klipper admits
  • That admits different Steppers (that do not have them integrated)
  • It is not necessary to admit many axes, the minimum ones.
  • Good value for money
  • It should be similar to the Octopus Pro (my current board), not necessarily Bigtreetch.
  • That, like the Octopus, can control a CANBUS, directly, without U2C or UTOC3
  • Make it 24v
  • The PSU does not have to be very powerful… maybe 100W 24v or less will do…


  • That supports 5v, 12v and 24v fans

Anyone else use this system?
Have a testing ground or maybe a second printer that you use to test new components?

I listen to ideas for this breadboard