Research on path and trajectory planning

A while back, some people asked me to share my research on path and trajectory planning - I wasn’t able to at the time by lab policy, but now that my thesis is filed I’ve gotten permission to share (most of) it. Some of it might be useful to Klipper, I’m happy to answer any questions within reason although there are some things I still can’t share currently (for example, my code and data repository is non-public as I’m still working on getting permission to share that). In the meantime, I’m sure that some of you may find some of the plots to be of interest when choosing settings.

FYI, the code is unfortunately in Matlab even if I do get permission to share it. Sorry, it’s just the only language I knew well enough to use for this. I am working on translating it into Julia (and making fixes/improvements) eventually in my spare time, to get it into an open-source and performant language.

I’ve never used discourse before and might not respond that quick here, but if you prompt me via discord ( Hanners#7954 ) then I’ll be sure to look.
Thesis_Hannelore_First3Chapters_PublicRelease.pdf (2.3 MB)

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Welcome and thanks for sharing. :+1:
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