[Review request] Support multiple part cooling fans

Review request for fan: Support multiple printer fans by viesturz · Pull Request #6341 · Klipper3d/klipper · GitHub

This adds support for multiple prefixed fan entries and runtime configuration of active part cooling fans.

Fox eaxmple consider IDEX setup

[fan left_tool_fan]
pin: PH7

[fan right_tool_fan]
pin: PH8

And supporting Gcode command that routes the M106 command to the selected fans.

ACTIVATE_FAN FAN=left_tool_fan

To support dual mode, or auxiliary fans, multiple fans can be selected:

ACTIVATE_FAN FAN=left_tool_fan,right_tool_fan

The main goal is to streamline what is a common pattern and reduce the need for custom macros.

Just for reference there have been several threads requesting this:

Late to the party here, I’ve been working on streamlining some of the Fan code for fun. Was this ever fixed? If not, can you describe the issue in more detail? I don’t have multiple part cooling fans so I’m not aware of the issue.