Scheduled digital out event will exceed max_duration

During my last print i got the error “Scheduled digital out event will exceed max_duration”
It failed a couple of hours in without any apparent reason.

I recently installed a chamber heater, air filter and bme280 Sensor

Digging through the log I did not find much.

I suspect this:

Sent 99 14444.170984 14444.168544 61: seq: 16, queue_digital_out oid=14 clock=3772287391 on_ticks=7200000, queue_step oid=2 interval=43000 count=2 add=12590, queue_step oid=9 interval=50466 count=3 add=5578, set_next_step_dir oid=2 dir=0, queue_step oid=2 interval=210329 count=1 add=0, queue_step oid=9 interval=68460 count=2 add=16860, queue_step oid=5 interval=68970 count=3 add=-11726
Receive: 99 14444.173380 14444.170984 12: seq: 17, shutdown clock=3715411903 static_string_id=Scheduled digital out event will exceed max_duration

I dont know if this caused or is caused by the error

BME280: Error reading data
CommandError: Unable to obtain ‘i2c_read_response’ response

klippy.log (3.7 MB)