Servo deployed ABL Z homing issue and fix

Hi, I thought I would share some information on setting up and using a servo deployed Z probe as I ran into a an issue with Klipper generating a “Failed to home z: Timeout during homing” error.

I built my own probe using a photo interrupter and a SG90 servo to deploy the probe. When retracted the optical end stop is triggered. The issue occurs when the servo is instructed to move to the deployed position and Z homing starts. The Z axis would raise up a bit then started down before timing out after a few seconds. Some of you might already guess the issue but it took me quite a while to figure out. I couldn’t find any solution when searching for the problem, hence this post for anyone else going down the same rabbit hole.

Anyway, the issue is the servo takes a few tenths of a second to deploy during which the Z stop is still triggered. The Z homing doesn’t seem to wait for the completion of the SET_SERVO command so it immediately thinks it has found the print bed. It lifts up a bit then starts down looking for the bed again. Of course, the bed isn’t there and the time out occurs after a couple of seconds.

The solution is pretty simple, once you know what is happening, you just need to add a G4 P500 following the SET_SERVO to give the probe time to deploy.

I will post a printer.cfg for my printer in the config section, but the relevant bit is,

[servo tower_pro]       # SG90
pin: PA1
maximum_servo_angle: 180
minimum_pulse_width: 0.0005
maximum_pulse_width: 0.0024
initial_angle: 50   # retracted

pin: PC14
deactivate_on_each_sample: False  # keep deployed as it is too slow to retract and deploy each time
x_offset: -63.0
y_offset: -5.0
z_offset: -2.35
samples: 1
    SET_SERVO SERVO=tower_pro ANGLE=93 ENABLE=1       # deploy probe
    G4 P500       # allow time for probe to deploy before homing Z
    SET_SERVO SERVO=tower_pro ANGLE=50                # retract probe

Note that this printer is using a BTT SKR Mini E3 V2.0.



I just spent 36 hours trying to find this solution. Thank you so much. Now my servo deploys the probe tip and waits until the the gantry goes the full height of the build volume before “No trigger on z after full movement” was triggered. Truly maddening.

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Thanks a lot, I was pulling my hair before I came across your answer.

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