Setting target temp and then reading it return the one before

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Geeetech A20T
extruder_change.cfg (1.5 KB)

My issue:

When I set target temp of extruder to something and then read it after it returns the value set before. It doesn’t wait for the temperature I set. I know I can just put the wait gcode in the if statement and wait for the min_change_temp and otherwise wait for the target_temp. I just wan’t to report it as bug or maybe if it isn’t than what is wrong.

Can you please upload the klippy.log as it was asked for (please to your next post).

BTW: You wrote these macros?

I will put the klippy log here tomorrow but I don’t think that you will find something there. And yes I wrote those macros.

In a macro all variables / commands etc. are evaluated when you call the macro. Even if you now change such a variable within the same macro, it will always return its initial value.

You need to define a separate macro to re-query the variable and call this macro from your initial macro.

Oh thats stupid but thanks I will just put the wait there twice one in the if statement and one in else. Thanks so much.

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