I'm looking for a configuration for my Geeetech A20T printer

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Geeetech A20T
config-20231119-140856.zip (821 Bytes)

My issue:


I have a Geeetech A20T printer and would like to use it with Klipper,
I installed the Mainsail OS on my Raspberry PI and created and downloaded the firmware.
I’m currently getting a connection, but I probably haven’t configured some things correctly. I used the standard configuration file (generic-gt2560.cfg), but it is not 100% correct for this printer.

I’m currently getting the error message:
MCU ‘mcu’ shutdown: ADC out of range
This generally occurs when a heater temperature exceeds
its configured min_temp or max_temp.

There may already be a suitable configuration for my printer in this forum.
I found something here that probably already has a solution.

Thank you very much for the information.

kind regards

Olaf Reis

Hello @ajoreis !

This issue usually can’t be fixed with a different config.

It also can be a hardware issue:

Check the thermistor cabling for shorts or breaks. Are the thermistors connected to the correct pin respectively is the correct pin chosen in the config?

Well I can give you all of my config files for my Geeetech A20T but you will have to change the connection becouse I have it connected via uart on the board. I had to flash it with other bootloader so that I can use it for flashing it with klipper.
These are my config files (remove if any imports like PIS and KAMP and other if you dont wanna use it):
config.zip (13.9 KB)
You will also have to remove the power things I am using relays to turn the main power suply of the printer off an on. Another thing I am using 1 to 1 extruder not the diamond one that came with the printer becouse it was horrible and I dont even want to print multi color anymore. So you will have to change how much it retract in the extruder_change.cfg (change the G1 commands)

Hello Verustus,

That’s great, I’ve adjusted the configuration so far and I’ve already been able to access the printer.

I would like to thank you very much!!!

This is just great

Thank you again

ajoreis Olaf Reis

And also I have had some problems with my 3D touch so if you are using one be careful becouse it may run in to the bed. I dont know why it is happening to me no idea but just sometimes.

I’m also busy with the Geeetech A10T…

and Before Klipper, I have worked with this printer like this YouTube movie

(7) Add a Geeetech A10T Printer in Cura Virtual Extruder Mixing Setup - YouTube

but now I have it working with Klipper working the same…

so I can work with 8 extruders… 8 tools is a better way to call it…

and for each tool, you can select how many % extruder 1 how many % extruder 2, and how many % 3…

but I am now busy with some test prints…

in the printer, I have white, blue, and purple, so the light blue is a mix of white and blue…

Maybe work together? because my file still needs some work…
( this was a lot 20/80 mix… now print 50/50 mix ) so later I show more pictures…

Hello Verustus,
I had a similar problem too, it was due to the connection on the board.

Hello Swets,
I haven’t had any experience with selecting the colors yet, I’ve currently adjusted the config so that everything works for me (Pressure Advance - Simply Explained, and new configurations for the three extruders).

I haven’t tested the mix variant or the colored printing yet, I use PursaSicer 2.7.0 for slicing.

Kind regards

Well for me it propably cant be a connection issue becouse it just doesn’t startup sometimes but if I restart it few times the bltouch clicks 3 times and it works but sometimes it just gets stuck down and doesnt work I have no idea why.