Setting the temperature difference Sidewinder X1

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Sidewinder X1
MCU / Printerboard:

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Describe your issue:

I have the problem that the actual temperatures of my Sidewinder X1 do not match the set temperatures. e.g. bed temperature set to 65 degrees - actual temperature 55 degrees. Nozzle set to 220 degrees - actually 195 degrees. I have already done PID tuning. I have also already changed the temperature sensor. Unfortunately no improvement.
Is it possible to set such a difference deviation in the config?

Usually not and since you ignored the request for the klippy.log we also cannot check

ah sorry - i forgot…
here is the log (1.2 MB)

This is a very strange log and it contains an error that is really rare: MCU 'mcu' shutdown: Watchdog timer!
This means that in the MCU something went wrong, leaving it in a “confused” state.

Given this error and your strange heating problem, I’d put my money on a dead or dying PSU.

Turn on both heaters and measure the output side of your power supply. If it reads significantly below 24V then you have your culprit.

Edit: Mind this when working on your PSU: Working with Line Voltage (110 V / 230 V / >50 V)

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Hi, i think tha’s not the problem. I’ve measured the powersupply while heating the nozzle to 200° and the bed to 50°. the voltage was constant 24,0 V. And the difference between set an real temp is still ca 10%. Any other idea?

Is the bed heater mains powered and controlled by a SSR?

In the second run the bed even does not reach 30°C.

I’m wondering the thermal runaway protection does not kick in.


As for an ad, the printer has a mains powered heated bed. Take in consideration that the SSR is broken.

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You might want to edit your first line - I was taken aback at the idea that the bed heater was controlled by an “SSD”.

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That’s kind of “unfortunate”, since it would have been a straight forward solution.

Try building a new firmware for your board and flash it. Compare the version strings in web interface or klippy.log to make sure you are really running a newer version, i.e. the flash indeed succeeded.

If the error is reproducible still then report back with a new klippy.log. Ideally a shorter one only showing the problematic behavior. This means delete the old log, restart whole Klipper service and then try reproducing (do not manually edit logs)

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