SKR E3 MINI V3 - MCU 'mcu' shutdown: Rescheduled timer in the past

Hi. I just got the “MCU ‘mcu’ shutdown: Rescheduled timer in the past” error when doing a extrusion test.

G1 F60 E350

or something along those lines, a bit unsure if it was F60 or F100 and/or E300 or E350.
Main board is a BTT SKR E3 MINI v3 and the secondary board is a Creality v4.2.2 where the X driver is used as the extruder.

The extrusion had stopped and I was loosening the extruder pressure-screw when the printer shut down and gave this error. Extrusion had stopped some 15 or more seconds ago.

Had to shorten the .log due to file size. I cut it a bit above the initial error and left the rest.

klippy.log (2.6 MB)

It is thought that this error is due to a low-level defect in the Klipper stm32g0 adc code. Anyone impacted should update to the latest version of Klipper. Stm32g0 users should update to latest Klipper