Some advice please?

Printer Model: ender 6
MCU / Printerboard: manta m4p
My klippy log says to large to upload is there another way to upload it from my smart phone??
printer.cfg (11.6 KB)

So the advice im trying for is for someone first to take a look at my printer.cfg see if they see something funky or something ive done foolish, reason i ask this is i have been having issues with layer shift and happened to change my tmc 2209 current to .800 and parts of it fixed, now im left with one shift that happens same spot and im guessing it is z as it is same height occuring almost like an elephant foot but further up the print.

Second is i have my klippy log, but it is 8.94mb and keep getting error for upload.
But with that the error i get is move out of range but if i restart firmware the print will go?
So what other method could i use to upload the klippy??

If your klippy.log is too big either delete it and have it created again while the issue shows up or zip it and upload it here. It is only a text file that can be compressed very well.

All your stepper drivers are running in the more silent StealthChop mode. See:
This however lacks torque and will require more current for the motors to counteract this.
Especially on higher accelerations you might notice layer shifts with the same current that worked fine using SpreadCycle. Or when the nozzle tries passing some blobs.
You could try increasing the current but this will heat up the drivers and motors and might not be the best option.
For Z axes and feeders I would always suggest using SpreadCycle as the respective motors aren’t spinning all the time and when then most likely for a short turn.

Other obvious fact:

min_temp: -273.15
in the extruder section. It should be 0 °C and not 0 K…

I did not check the macros.

Oh ok i didnt think i could upload the zip here, good to know for the future. Thank you!

I figured with the stealthchop it would have a big bearing, i just havent got into the fine details of of stealthchop but from ywhat you have said that would make sense. I mainly run it for the “silent” part lol and with an ender 6 even in stealthchop its still rather loud at 140mm/s. I will change the z that’s for sure thanks for pointing that out…im 5 hours into a 7 hour print and i have noticed the motors and warm at .800 current but can still hold a figure on them…my drivers have no heat, i did make a enclosure for the board that have three fans going i think everything is staying nice and comfy.

Thanks for the advice!