Sonic Pad On Ender 5 4.2.2 Board printer config

Hi has anyone got a config file for Ender 5 with 4.2.2 board?

Did you get sorted out on this one? If not, the latest firmware update for Sonic pad now has Ender 5 Pro ABL 4.2.2. as an option.

I’ve not tried it but I successfully modified used the config file as starting point for my ender Pro with a 4.2.7 and CR touch.

@bobuilt I’ve got the same set up (Ender 5 Pro, 4.2.7, w/ CR touch) any chance you’d mind sharing your modified config?

I’m running on this one. I’m a newby with klipper but the mods I’ve made appear to work okay on my ender 5 pro 4.2.7 and CR touch. My next step once I get time is to add the filament sensor as well.
Ender 5 ABL 4.2.7 printer.cfg (6.3 KB)

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thank you so much! this is about where I ended up too. The default klipper configs (along with the default sonic pad configs) were wrong with the pin mappings for the step and dir pins. Much appreciated! So nice to finally have all this up and running!

Hey guys! Exact same problem here. Itryed flashing the new firmware for ender 5 with 4.2.2 board with no sucess. I have the 4.2.7 Board. How do I use your config to program my printer? Kinda newbie here.
Thanks in advance