Creality Ender 5 Pro (2021) v4.2.7 motherboard + BL Touch


I had to create this after upgrading my Ender 5 Pro MB to v4.2.7, adding a BL Touch and switching to Klipper. It took lots of trial and error! Hope it helps someone.

printer-creality-ender5pro-bltouch-v4.2.7-2021.cfg (3.9 KB)


iam getting this error message

Internal error during connect: ConfigWrapper instance has no attribute ‘getfloatlist’

Hi can I use this with Ender 5 4.2.2 board?

There are default printer configs on the Klipper configs/ for Ender 5 Pro stock 4.2.2

Thanks for this - I just got the Creality Sonic Pad and trying to install with it on My Ender 5 Pro with 4.2.7 +BLTouch and Filament Runout.

Do I need to add anything for the runout sensor to your config? It seems the Auto created section has PC6 as Runout.

Also for the Rotation Distance Lead screw - My unit is from Nov 2019 I assume I may need to change from 4 to 8? How do you tell which lead screw it is?

rotation_distance: 4 # 4 for new leadscrew, 8 for old

Hey man, I’m just trying to install the Sonic Pad on my Ender 5 with the 4.2.7 Board. and I can’t seem to make it work, what did you do?

I got it working but somehow shorted my 4.2.7 board and now I can’t get it to connect again due to some Moonraker data that I can’t clear out somehow

To OP, thanks for the .cfg, wouldn’t have gotten here without the assist. For anyone looking to configure an Ender 5 Pro with either BL touch or CR touch, a 4.2.7 motherboard, and a Creality Sonic pad, few other pieces of information / advice:

First, while the pinout provide by the OP in the config file is on point, some other folks on Klipper put together an awesome pinout for the 4.2.2 and 4.2.7 boards that shouldn’t be overlooked by those with electronics backgrounds: Creality Board 4.2.2 and 4.2.7 Schematics

A quick look at the schematic suggests that the pinout for 4.2.2 and 4.2.7 may not be the same, not terribly different, but I’d make sure you’re using an appropriate .cfg file.

I’ve found the setup UI with the sonic pad to be infuriating, on retrospect I should have just configured my own Pi, but here we are… A few order of operations things that took me longer than necessary.

  1. You need the .cfg file on a flash drive in the sonic pad after having flashed the FW. I’ll admit I assumed that it was all one and the same, but ended up building the .bin file via WSL and realized that the .bin and the .cfg files are independently important. Just click the next buttons until it’s asking you to load the .cfg file (to get here… specify “other hardware” rather than picking one of the pre-configured options)

Instructions for configuring Klipper in a windows environment here:

  1. I’m uncertain whether is “new” (the internet seems to suggest and update may have cause it), but the .cfg file provided will need commas added after the and <5V> in the aliases section, the sonic pad seems to be expecting 2 item lists, and adding the comma (i.e. , ) makes everyone happy

After tweaking the .cfg file with 2 commas, everything seems to be playing smoothly.

Current config: Ender 5 Pro, v4.2.7 mainboard, CR touch, stock otherwise

One more thing that helped for configuring Klipper on windows, but as a new user I’m only allowed 2 links per post…

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Thanks man! will have to re-visit this again. I hope the KIAUH allows me to remove Moonraker from the Sonic Pad. It seem’s to be causing some issue even after I did a factory Reset on the Sonic Pad and can’t get anything to reconnect with all my previous printer.cfg files that used to work.

I have used this config file and uploaded this onto a sonic pad paired with a ender 5 running a 4.2.7
machine is moving correctly, and everything works fine until I try to start a print, it will stay stuck at 0%, not even heating up or moving home.

have changed the config file to be a coreXY, reversed the limit switches and disabled the BLtouch

Does anyone have any ideas or has had this issue?


Hi @gr8scott88 and @Ellery thanks for your post gives me a brief idea of what I am meant to do but is so OTT to just generate the correct firmware bin to flash to the Ender 5 and config onto the Sonicpad.

Ellery I followed you directions on your reef note site Ellery’s Reef Notes - Creality Sonic Pad on my Ender 5 Pro ( with Option 2.

I downloaded the config file above modified to 8 for the leadscrew as I have an old model, named the file printer.cfg plugged it to the sonicpad to generate the .bin as per your settings plugged that and flashed the Ender 5, have the .cfg file on the USB2 and the printer plugged into USB1. When loading the config file everything is plugged in to connect, I get an error message on the Sonicpad

Option ‘aliases’ in section ‘board_pins’ must have 2 element

I remember reading from gr8scott88 that the pinout in the config is correct, I am so confused am I missing something else in this config file?

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I’m having the same problem.

I got it too run on the ender 5 I will see if it prints.

Yeah I finally got it working and running just a calibration nightmare I am in at the moment. But let me know if you need help save you 2 weeks of stress lol

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Can you share the bin file with me please. Is this also having bl touch and filament sensor in it?

Thanks in advanced


Can I get that config file from you?

im having this same issue with it stuck at 0%

Hi Ellery,
I have my code working, except for my extruder and I am sure that is just a pin swap, but I am looking for the code that allows the display to show things like you did.
Can you assist me with finding that code snip?

Sorry I still haven’t been able to reconnect my Sonic pad to my system with the new 4.2.7 board. I need to go through the Factory Reflash since the Factory Reset function doesn’t seem to be working at all.