Creality Ender 5 Pro (2021) v4.2.7 motherboard + BL Touch


I had to create this after upgrading my Ender 5 Pro MB to v4.2.7, adding a BL Touch and switching to Klipper. It took lots of trial and error! Hope it helps someone.

printer-creality-ender5pro-bltouch-v4.2.7-2021.cfg (3.9 KB)


iam getting this error message

Internal error during connect: ConfigWrapper instance has no attribute ‘getfloatlist’

Hi can I use this with Ender 5 4.2.2 board?

There are default printer configs on the Klipper configs/ for Ender 5 Pro stock 4.2.2

Thanks for this - I just got the Creality Sonic Pad and trying to install with it on My Ender 5 Pro with 4.2.7 +BLTouch and Filament Runout.

Do I need to add anything for the runout sensor to your config? It seems the Auto created section has PC6 as Runout.

Also for the Rotation Distance Lead screw - My unit is from Nov 2019 I assume I may need to change from 4 to 8? How do you tell which lead screw it is?

rotation_distance: 4 # 4 for new leadscrew, 8 for old

Hey man, I’m just trying to install the Sonic Pad on my Ender 5 with the 4.2.7 Board. and I can’t seem to make it work, what did you do?

I got it working but somehow shorted my 4.2.7 board and now I can’t get it to connect again due to some Moonraker data that I can’t clear out somehow