ST7920 display settings for dual extruder

Hi all,

I just succeded to bring Klipper to life on my good old Mendel90 with a RUMBA board. So far, so good. But I’m a bit dissapointed with the output on my Full Graphics display, it’s really clumsy, like it’s meant for a lower dpi LCD. And I miss a display entry for my second extruder, as well as a menu item for the 2nd extruder motor.

I’m absolutely willing to design a display, but I find the docs I found up to now a bit thin. Is there a better doc about designing screens and menus nthan the section in the installation doc?

Or is there a preconfigured display definition that’s nicer and incorporates a 2nd extruder?

Hello @ralfsteck !

You may use:

lcd_type: st7920
display_group: _multiextruder_16x4
cs_pin: PH1 
sclk_pin: PA1 
sid_pin: PH0 
encoder_pins: ^PC4,^PC6
click_pin: ^!PC2 

The ports settings are for a t-rex 3. You have to validate.

I already have the display up and running, I want to change what’s on the display.

KlipperScreen might be what you’re looking for.

I’m talking about this device, it’s only an LCD without touch.

Oh, gotcha. In that case, someone would need to come up with a new or modified display config. This template might be helpful: klipper/display.cfg at master · Klipper3d/klipper · GitHub

See also the command reference section of the docs, which explains some of the parameters.

Also, I created something of a secondary menu/display for bed tramming and shared the results here: Bed Tramming from the LCD It’s not what you’re trying to do but there might be something helpful in there.

One of my biggest problems: How is position defined? It can’t be pixels, is it just a sort of table?

Afaik, it’s the position of a 8x8 font starting at 0,0 at the top left.

so 1 would be 8 px to the right or down, 2 means 16px…?

Yes. It in fact simulates a 16x4 character display.

In the display.cfg it is written as position: y, x of the characters.