Start-Print Macro Error

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Longer LK5 Pro
MCU / Printerboard: atmega2650
klippy_08192023_2039.log (3.2 KB)
start_print.cfg (839 Bytes)

Hello all. I am in need of a little help with an error I keep receiving. I am new to klipper and fairly new to programming languages, so I took a bunch of information from various sources and managed to hodgepodge my start-print.cfg together. Initially, the file was written using NeoVIM along with an end-print.cfg and I have had trouble with klipper not liking something in my file. The issues with the end-print were quickly resolved (always helps to add gcode: after the macro naming line lol), however I am not getting so lucky with the start-print. After issuing a service restart command, I get the following error status on the webGUI on mainsail:
Error loading template ‘gcode_macro start_print:gcode’: jinja2.exceptions.TemplateSyntaxError: expected token ‘end of statement block’, got ‘=’
I am not sure what exactly I am looking for on this. I have (insert number here)checked the file and cannot find anywhere that I have left open a block. Only thing I question is line 25-31 with the purge line if statement. Did I do something wrong with including multiple expressions in an if statement block? Thank you very much for any help that can get me pointed in the right direction! 73’s all!


Should be:


Thank you so much for your help! That, along with making sure the endif ended with %} instead of just a curly bracket, got my macro up and running! I really appreciate your help!

Hello John, I have the same printer of yourse and I start form very shot time to use klipper and I have a lot of problem for setting start and end macro, your printer have a BL-touch? Can I ask you some questions about settings??