Stepper_z and [output_pin TOOL] for PWM usage


I am using the [output_pin TOOL] option in the configs. and I seem to get an error at the z-stepper which I have disabled.

I do not have a current stepper_z in my .cfg file.

Does anyone know how to advance from this error?


Hello Again,

It seems there is no way around this issue. I tried each, separate kinematics for each different printer type and nothing works so far.

If you are aware of this fact or can show evidence of making things work w/ XY only, please do reply.


All kinematics require a z axis with the exception of delta. It’s mandatory for a 3D printer to have a z axis, so if you use any kinematics you need a z axis defined. The only way around this is to not use kinematics (kinematics: none), but then you won’t have a traditional X and Y axis either.

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