Storing the current extruder from SYNC_EXTRUDER_MOTION

I’ve been looking into adding better support in Fluidd for SET_PRESSURE_ADVANCE with extruder_stepper, and believe I found [a nice compromise] (!

Having said that, it would be great to also to use SYNC_EXTRUDER_MOTION from the interface to select an extruder to sync!

While changing is quite easy to implement, showing the active extruder in sync seems not possible with the current implementation (once one is selected, all the ExtruderStepper sees is a motion queue from which I don’t see a way to infer the extruder name)

My proposal would be to add a new property to ExtruderStepper that would contain the name of the extruder in sync, so we can return this on get_status()

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FYI, I’ve now created a Pull Request implementing such property!

extruder: store currently sync’ed motion queue name by pedrolamas · Pull Request #6033 · Klipper3d/klipper (