Strange movement with DELTA_CALIBRATE and PROBE_ACCURACY


I updated Klipper to the newest version (as of today: FIRMWARE_VERSION:v0.9.1-773-gc84956be) and now I noticed a strange problem when executing DELTA_CALIBRATE and PROBE_ACCURACY.

PROBE_ACCURACY: the nozzle comes down, probes the first point (first touch), moves slightly sideways and finishes all its probe attempts. All the time, it reports a position of X0 and Z0.

DELTA_CALIBRATE: the nozzle comes down, probes the first point, moves slightly sideways, touches the second time and reports “!! Probe samples exceed samples_tolerance”

EDIT: I decided to open a bug report: DELTA_CALIBRATE + PROBE_ACCURACY move head between probe attempts on single point · Issue #4671 · KevinOConnor/klipper · GitHub
There is also a video of what is happening. Hopefully someone knows what’s going on here…


I am an absolute idiot! Never had to think about loose pulleys before… sorry to everyone!