Support for temperature tables

I came across this comment while searching for some info on using a high temperature thermistor for my hotend. The user jremens suggests support for multiple temperature points to calibrate the thermistor. This seems logical since most thermistors have reference tables which you can use to get a very accurate reading. Even if such table is missing you can make your own. In my case using a 4.5M thermistor you need to choose the 3 points so that you keep the low end under control while still getting a somewhat accurate reading in the working temperature. Beta values are implemented and offer a better, but still not optimal solution. I’m a developer myself and I am willing to invest some time to figure out the project structure and contribute to get this in the pipeline. I’m coming from Marlin where this is an existing feature which gets used quite often.

It is possible to configure Klipper with a temperature table - see: Configuration reference - Klipper documentation .

If you have a thermistor, though, it is both easier and more accurate to use the Steinhart Hart equations via a thermistor config section: Configuration reference - Klipper documentation


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Hello, both of the link return with a 404, but I found my way through the docs. Thank you for the info!

Is it possible to use this feature to either account for a PINDAv2’s temperature variances, a la P.I.N.D.A. 2 support by rafaljot · Pull Request #1611 · KevinOConnor/klipper · GitHub?