The max_power: parameter in the [output_pin] section

Greetings to all!
My printer is powered by 24v. I have a 12V LED strip. For octoprint, I configured [output_pin]

[output_pin case_light]
pin: PD12 #BED
pwm: 1
value: .02
shutdown_value: 0
cycle_time: 0.010

To limit the power and glow, I used the Octoprint Custom Control Editor plugin and set the slider with a range of VALUE = .02 to .09
This allows you to control the voltage on the tape from 2v to 11v
After switching to Fluidd, I faced the problem of adjusting the glow of the led strip with the Light slider.
The adjustment occurs in the range from 0 to 1, which corresponds to a voltage from 0 to 24V. I cannot force the adjustment range to be between 0.02 and 0.09
I want to know, can I enter a PWM limitation in the [output_pin] section in the same way as in the [fan] section?

Hello @KomAndr

Basically you can’t power a 12V LED strip with 24V. The average voltage may be below 12V, but actually the LEDs are driven by 24V pulses. Sooner or later the LEDs will fail.

Either you may use a 24V LED strip or a 12V power supply for the LED strip you have.

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I understand electronics and I know what pwm is. The method I describe is excellent He worked for a year with an oktoprint. Not a single diode has burned.
I have a specific question about limiting pwm in the pins_out section.

Hello, no solution here? I got 24V lights and they are getting pretty warm inside the enclosure. I want to limit them to max_power 0.8.