Timer too close and Stepper Reset

Can anyone help? I’m running into MCU ‘mcu’ shutdown: Timer too close errors and while after trying to check things like everything being on the same firmware version I am now also running into TMC ‘stepper_x’ reports GSTAT: 00000001 reset=1(Reset) errors.

I’ve had the Timer too close happen 4 times now and the reset happen 3 times. Running a E3 v1.2 on a V0.1

One log for each of these that I’ve seen…

logs.zip (4.3 MB)

So I guess I will respond to myself and explain what seems to have fixed this.

The most common Stepper reset was on the extruder. I found that one of the wires had nearly sheared itself from work hardening very close to the motor itself and had to replace the stepper.

The other resets and Timer too close though continued and I eventually bit the bullet and purchased a new MCU. Went from the SKR E3 Mini v1.2 to the v3.0 So far that seems to have completely removed the problems…

Will update if any other problems continue.

If you’ve now got the Mini E3 V3, make sure you also have the very latest klipper version and also flash the SKR MCU with the latest klipper version. The chip it uses would randomly give a ‘reschudled timer in the past’ error which is a pain in the ass as nothing would stop it. Looks like it was a chip ADC issue as per Stm32g0 users should update to latest Klipper

Thanks for the tip! Will do.