Tronxy X5SA Pro With Creality Sprite and Touch

Sprite install requires

  1. fan power pins reversed on ribbon cable
  2. thermistor wires terminated with connector
  3. belt attachment points cut from extruder mounting bracket
  4. Printed mounting block to relocate stock extruder mount plate to back of x carriage (cable attachment
  5. Printed x and y endstop switch mounts.

Recommend printing and installing Z alignment blocks if you don’t have a z-motor sync belt installed.
Macro in config file will automate aligning the motors with the blocks if you don’t have a belt.

Alignment Blocks: Tronxy X5SA Z Axis Alignment Fixture by MarkSpieth - Thingiverse

STL files for Sprite install available on request.

printer.cfg (6.1 KB)