Unable to open file error

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender5 Plus
MCU / Printerboard: Creality Silent Board V2.2
klippy (1).log (96.8 KB)

printer (1).cfg (7.2 KB)

When i try to upload and print the g.code file, i get unable to open file error.I need to mention that i installed 2 instances,one is named Mercury, and the other one is speedcube.I have the same path configured at the printer.cfg and mainsail.cfg:

path: ~/printer_data/gcodes

But i dont know if i need to change the path to something like path: ~/Mercury_data/gcodes.And if i change it at the printer.cfg ,how can i change it in mainsail.cfg?Please give explicit navigations to me because i dont know much about linux etc.

Make sure the klipper user has full access, also make sure that there aren’t any old
path: ~/gcode_files

in any of the configs; I had issues when upgrading with old paths.

I couldnt see any other virtual sd card codeline.How can i make sure to klipper user has a full acces?

the easiest way is to run
sudo chmod 777 ~/printer_data/gcodes

It wanted my password and i entered it,but nothing seems to change,it still says it cant open the file.

Did you get this sorted out?

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