Use klipper to limit fan speed to 50% or lower?

Allegedly, the btt skr e3 mini v3 puts out 24V at 100% fan speed but only 12V if fan speed is set to 50%,if its true then it opens up alot of new possibilites for choosing fans and i have 2 questions regarding this.

  1. parts cooling, one easy way to set the fan to 50% is just to do it in the slicer but its only a matter of time until its set to 100%.
    Is there any way to configure klipper to run the fan at half the value set in the slicer?

  2. hotend cooling fan, is there any way in klipper to set fan speed to 50% or is it only an on/off option?

It still outputs 24 V, but it is 50% pulsed so that the average voltage is 12 V.

As you said: Usually you can set the maximum part blower fan speed in the slicer. If it gets to 100% there are reasons. If it is too loud: See below.

To 2. :
Always use the maximum speed for the hotend/heatbreak cooler fan to avoid heat creep and resulting clogs in the hotend. It it is too lot you may use a silent fan and/or a different air flow geometry. If you have a fan cover, a different one can be less noisy too.

In all: Proper cooling is essential for good prints.

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