Use sensorless homing feature to detect bed crashes to avoid damage?

Except that won’t help with situations where the mcu is confused as to where the bed/toolhead is, such as if a homing sensor fails, or if your steps/mm (or esteps) are wrong, or if you’re going the wrong way because you plugged in a cable the wrong way, or any of a million other cases where it can fail in a non-skipping way.

But yes, closed loop is obviously the way to go, in addition to safety stops. That way you could even have a smart driver that can adjust the current dynamically. (Well, actually the most preferred would be absolute encoding, so that you wouldn’t need homing, because all moving parts’ locations can be read immediately when turning on the device. I haven’t seen any decent absolute encoders, though. One would think it shouldn’t be that hard, considering there are pretty damn accurate digital calipers that cost practically nothing.)