Verify Heater error on ender 3 with btt skr mini e3 v3

Basic Information:

Printer Model: ender 3
MCU / Printerboard: btt skr mini e3 v3

klippy.log (2.4 MB)

So i know there are a lot of these.
But i seem to have no luck or knowledge.
I had an v2 mainboard and the first hotend and startet to have the first problems with this. Since the printer is a bit older i thought the thermistor gone bad i bought a new hotend , it instantly had the same problems so i did an new pid tune and tried it with the verify_heater bit and different types of thermistor configs in the printer.cfg but nothing changed. So i bought a new board (v3) and another hotend, tried everything again but nothing chhanged. I am no expert but this cant be right.

If somebody knows how to help please HELP!!

Thanks in advance M

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