WebRTC(go2rtc) not working

I am try to add a WebRTC camera to Webcam but it is not being added to mainsail

I have a nozzle usb camera , it is added to crowsnest.cfg and set as RTSP streamer.

mode: camera-streamer                         # ustreamer - Provides mjpg and snapshots. (All devices)
                                        # camera-streamer - Provides webrtc, mjpg and snapshots. (rpi + Raspi OS based only)
enable_rtsp: true                      # If camera-streamer is used, this enables also usage of an rtsp server
rtsp_port: 8554                         # Set different ports for each device!
port: 8080                              # HTTP/MJPG Stream/Snapshot Port
device: /dev/video0                     # See Log for available ...
resolution: 1920x1080                # widthxheight format
max_fps: 60                            # If Hardware Supports this it will be forced, otherwise ignored/coerced.
custom_flags:                          # You can run the Stream Services with custom flags.

So when I open rtsp:// I can see the stream. Now I try to add this in Mainsail but none of the protocol worked for me. Also I am running go2rtc add-on on my local Homeassistant I have added the rtsp link to the go2rtc now I can access the camera via webrtc locally with address in my web browser
I tried to add this webrtc link to the mainsail but like the rtsp it did not work either, just showing Connecting
Though I can add webcam as /webcam/?action=stream as MJPEG in mainsail but it is very laggy

How can I add the WebRTC to the mainsail.

So I guess it is not possible to implement camera this way?

You need to be more patient.

Supporters are volunteers and have a life besides Klipper.

@BUGBEAR Is this actually the proper place for this query. I know you may think Klipper is responsible for your camera handling but the interface you see is a close cooperation of several groups interested in providing a seamless user experience. Surely the problem is in Mainsail or Crowsnest.

There is plenty of support for Mainsail and Crowsnest on their relevant sites.

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe their is no support for cameras within Klipper so any help you get will only be from a member with a similar setup to your own.

That said you are welcome here and we hope you return when you have a klipper query/suggestion.

Good luck with your search on the above sites