Remote / Network Webcam with Klipper/Mainsail?

I’m running Klipper on a WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) install meaning I have to pass the COMM ports into WSL via usbipd. I have this working great but I’d also like to add camera support via a Logitech c920 webcam. The issue is I don’t think there’s a way to pass this through to WSL via usbipd like I do with the COMM ports as it seems to really only handle that sort of traffic rather than just standard USB.

So is there a way to specific or stream in from a USB camera attached to a Windows 11 PC? Thanks for any tips you can provide!

You could stream the camera from your Windows host as an mjpeg stream. Other stream types are supported, but mjpeg seems to be the best documented.

Once the stream is set up you should be able to add it to your moonraker.conf and see the stream in either Mainsail or fluidd.

I use PoE cameras for my printers and this works for me. The cameras stream RTSP and I use a PC running RTSPtoWeb to convert the streams to HLS.

Maybe go2rtc help you.