Looking for a good webcam?

possible to use this cam on the pi to see in mainsail?

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In theory any usb webcam should be good to use for klipper in mainsail. If you have a gopro you could also use that (when you aren’t using your gopro).

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Hi, thx
I am just looking for a cam that can provide a perfect view of the printed part.

Just be aware that:

  • Webcams are known to cause issues with Klipper. Seems that some are either hogging the USB or some other stuff causing weird errors in Klipper
  • The higher the resolution of your cam the higher the stress you put on your RPi up to the point where you will run into issues.

this is what I fear, making things unstable
are there any proven cams or specs that will work fine?

Sorry, I cannot give you any good advice here since I do not use a webcam.

My interest in turning a 48h print into 4 seasons with 18 episodes each is kind of limited
Although certain overhangs tend to build up a lot of drama and suspension.
Sorry, could not resist :wink:

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I use a seperate older laptops running crowsnest and point to that from the mainsail/fluidd on the klipper cpu, so the webcam viewer to crowsnest connetion doesnt affect klipper cpu.

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interesting, but to much work to do and a second pc

I use USB web cams on both of my Voron2.4r2 printers for 2 years now and I never lost a print due to camera issues. I had the cameras stop working after a module update so I will restore the previous version and wait for the next update. I use https://amzn.to/3nSAdhJ and made the cases for them.
*The camera you listing will be great but it will not fit inside an enclosed printer; to big.
*It has to be a Wide Angle lens like 3.6mm otherwise you will have to place the camera far away from the object to fully capture it.

btw I am using a Pi 4 with 4GB memory and CPU is always below 0.5 and a few GB of memory always available.

I hope this helps.


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Where can I find the STL for mount for this camera?

I have not uploaded them anywhere yet. Give me a day or so and I will post here the location.

Would using separate Pi zero 2 with Cam (or any IP Cam…) configured as an IP cam on the Pi running MainSail/Klipper host help isolate Klipper from Cam compute/io utilization, the Pi Zero can then burn cycles AI detecting spaghetti and other fluff ups? Mean while main Pi with Klipper can compute uninterrupted.

Update: Just realized obico-is-sponsoring-klipper

maybe I madesomething that could fit your needs. My camera is based on the HBV1716. Made a enclosure, with a ring for easy focus, a GoPro mount, and a 40x40 fan (it tends to quickly overheat). If it fits your needs, I will upload STLs and STEPs to my Git. The modules look very similar.

Already shared an early design a few years back (Thingiverse or whatever).

The enclosure looks cooked. It is ! PLA in a 60+°C heated chamber. Have to reprint it with ABS… (procrastinated over and over…)

[EDIT] early design : HBV1716 / OV2710 USB camera case - GoPro attachment by YaaJ - Thingiverse

Just finished uploading the STLs at:
USB Camera for Voron 2.4 - Top Inside Mount

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