Write Arbitrary I2C/UART commands via Macro

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Voron 2.4
MCU / Printerboard: BTT skr 1.4
Host / SBC BananPi


is there a way to write arbitrary I2C (or UART) commands via a Macro?

something like READ_I2C_REGISTER_UINT32 A= R= or something like that?

I couldn’t find anything like that.
This actually surprises me, as you would have the option to greatly expand “custom” things for whatever kind of thing one might implement.

  • cad435

Short answer: No

Most probably you didn’t develop some complex Macros, if you would - then immediately you would understand that it’s awful idea to use them for this kind of stuff, most obvious issue is Rendering/Execution of them.

If you want to introduce some low-level stuff you should develop new separate module (Extras) which is using Python for execution.

Well, I coded a complete toolchanger with picking up and dropping individual toolheadsl, so I’d say medium complex…

But thanks for your answer, I understand the problems :slight_smile: