Z backlash compensation available?

Hi all,

I have trouble with pretty bad backlash on my z axis. Between 1 and 2/10th mm is potentially causing a bad first layer doing the bed mesh.

Is backlash compensation somewhere available as a feature? Marlin has it I think.

These zero backlash nuts won’t work for me because of the heavy bed assembly.

Any other ideas are appreciated!

Using the forum search:

Yes, I found the thread before.
I’m not looking for software development but rather for some plug&go solution.

It might not exist and I will focus on mechanical enhancements.

Just checking before I proceed.

PS: Marlin firmware seems to use this feature. Anybody knows if it does wonders?

I will never understand this reflex of 99% of the users to request software compensation for shortcomings in the hardware.
This is always:

  • a band-aid at best
  • will only work under certain conditions
  • needs to rely on previous (manual) measurements that are inherently error-prone and the errors will add up

I’m happy to order parts today but in the meantime it would be nice to have some mitigation for this.

Totally agree though on improving the mechanism but I have to find out and develop something. I think nobody have done it before on my printer model