BeagleBone on Debian 11.7, searching testers

Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks…and thanks again!
The problems were caused by E-stop: pins were closed, but I didn’t know they need also a software configuration…!
Now Beaglebone wireless definitely works !!!
Now I tried to use Fluidd, that has to be lighter than Octoprint.
Have a nice days!!!

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I notice led near of E2 (3° hotend), after inserting “e-stop” code rows block in printer.cfg, is always on (I don’t use it, so is not a problem now…)

It’s because BeagleBone by default is enabling it. You should disable it, add this block to your config, if you ever need it for extruder 3 - then remove it.

[output_pin Extruder2_off]
#Description: Extruder2 heater pin
pin: gpio0_3
value: 0
shutdown_value: 0

:+1: THANKS! It works!

Tested again. Works. I recommend putting a pull request in. Does the documentation need to be updated?

I already updated it in my branch, nothing special, just added some details, main flow is the same, steps are also same.
Maybe I will extend it for a case when you don’t have special cape like CRAMPS board and just want to use BeagleBone as a host system - in those cases you don’t need firmware for BeagleBone PRU cores

Now it’s official !
Changes are merged to vanilla klipper 27 Apr 2024.

Now you should stop using using my branch and switch to Official
and follow official documentation

Thanks to everybody who was participating in this testing.

Nice, I have several BeagleBone Blacks laying around, might be time for ANOTHER printer. Is there any advantage to the BBB over the Pi (I’ve thought about the PRUs in the past but never dug too deep into trying to port Klipper into using them).

BeagleBone PRU Cores are supported by Klipper more than 6 years, it was just outdated and not compatible with latest kernels, now it’s in fresh state again.

Benefits depends on what your goals are.

If you want to utilize BeagleBone just as Pi replacement for connecting external board via USB - then I don’t see any benefits because BegleBone have less memory (512Mb) and 1Ghz CPU, but it’s happily handling delta style printer with moonraker+fluidd without any issues.

If you want to utilize CanBus/SPI/I2C/UART/RS-485 - then there are benefits with onboard hardware support of them which just require some cheap Voltage transceiver to covert +3.3v to required levels.

BeagleBone with klipper allow you to utilize internal PRU cores which can drive BeagleBone GPIO pins on very high speed, for example you can drive 1 additional stepper up to 866Khz, 3 steppers together up to 700Khz
Raspbery Pi can’t do that at all.

Another option is to combine BeagleBone and CRAMPS board - then you can get single board solution which will have everything for Klipper setup in single package - similar to “BTT Manta mp8 + CB1”

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