Klipper install Anycubic kobra 2

Can the new kobra 2 run klipper natively? Or did anycubic use the same motherboard as the other kobra models?


Just look up the motherboard that your printer used, and look up the other kobra models motherboards. Then you should be able to see if klipper can be used on your model.

Hope This Helps!

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Look up here:

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It looks like the same motherboard to me, though Anycubic haven’t released source code for it.

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I assume, Anycubic will not release Klipper configs.

I watched their motherboard replacement video and I think I spy that the X resistor has been moved. It’s quite possible this board variant will work with Klipper without mods.

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Thanks. Since i was not sure i decided to buy the sovol sv06 and will install klipper on that as i know it can be done easily. Once more people get their hands on the kobra 2 and we find out more then i will get one. It is quite a nice printer for the money from what i have seen.