Creality Sonic Pad and Alternatives

Creality Sonic Pad

:exclamation: Update
Since July 11, 2023, Creality seems to have released a firmware with a newer Klipper version.
Again, they have not released the sources for this and the other components as required by the GPL license. Again, they are violating the OSS license and making money off the work of others.


  • The Creality Sonic Pad is intended to be a “one-stop” solution for Klipper.
    • A SBC running Klipper along with Moonraker, Fluidd, Mainsail and KlipperScreen
    • A touchscreen controlled by Mainsail / Fluidd running in kiosk mode with some additional interfaces that look exactly like KlipperScreen, but without any released sources (!)
  • At the time of writing, the Sonic Pad:
    • Uses a very outdated and modified version of Klipper (see update above)
    • Moonraker, Fluidd, Mainsail are also outdated and modified.


  • The Klipper project is in no way affiliated with Sonic Pad, nor are the modifications supported.
  • There is no official support from the project.
  • The modifications cause a crippled klippy.log, which makes proper diagnosis anything between cumbersome and impossible.
  • The old version of Klipper will cause problems with several popular macros.
  • Issues or potential bugs will not be pursued unless it is proven that the same behavior occurs on the original, pristine Klipper mainline.

Bottom line.

  • If someone in the community is able to help with certain issues, help will be provided.
  • Probably no one from the staff here will dig into it too much.
  • The quality of the components used (software and hardware) and the resulting user experience is entirely the responsibility of Creality.
  • Problems are best reported to the Creality staff.

Custom Debian

@jpe230 came up with a way to install Debian on the Sonic Pad and be able to use unmodified / recent installations of Klipper and related products.

:warning: WARNING:

  • This requires some deeper Linux knowledge and understanding.
  • Might at least soft-brick the device
  • Might void your warranty
  • Has some drawbacks and hacks, e.g. a hard power-off can brick it
  • Not for the faint of heart and NOT supported here. You need to know what you are doing!

You can find his good walk-through here: GitHub - Jpe230/SonicPad-Debian: Port of Debian for the SonicPad (Allwinner R818)

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Bigtreetech Pad 7

For anyone who is searching a “one-stop solution” for Klipper, consider the Bigtreetech Pad 7 as an alternative to the limited Creality Sonic Pad.

Noteworthy differences are:

  • Running pristine sources for
    • Klipper
    • Moonraker
    • Fluidd / Mainsail
    • KlipperScreen (slightly modified version shipped but pristine version possible)
  • Fully compatible to the update mechanism of the above mentioned products. You can always upgrade to latest version without the need to wait for a new firmware release by Creality
  • Fully compatible with all guides and information around Klipper and its ecosystem
    • No crippled klippy.log that makes diagnosing issues a pain
  • Based on easily accessible Linux OS that allows all sort of tinkering / customization should you need it
  • Upgrade possibilities with Raspberry Compute Modules, e.g. CM4, to increase computing power
    • Also compatible to the respective Linux flavors available to the CM4


The above is my personal opinion based on the available information and the (miserable) support experience here regarding the Sonic Pad.
It is neither endorsed nor objected by Creality and / or Bigtreetech.