Bed tilt and bed mesh


Can someone explain to me what bed tilt is and why it’s not compatible with bed mesh?

I use the bed tilt feature for my T-Rex 3 with 2 Z steppers to get the x-axis parallel to the bed.

For I have a huge bed (400mm x 400mm with 121 test points), I do the bed mesh levelling once in a while to have a compensation of the unevenness of the bed.

If you have a small bed with e.g. 9 test points and you do the the test before every print, it may be useless, because the bed is already levelled by the bed tilt feature.

Keep in mind, the bed tilt feature only makes sense when you have 2 or 4 z-axis steppers.

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But I don’t understand why Klipper doc tells that bed tilt and bed mesh are incompatible. Bed tilt is achieved with relative adjustments of the several z-axis motors while mesh leveling is achieved with a z-axis probe like a BL Touch, right? So where’s the issue?

Darn , I mixed it up. I use z-tilt instead of bed-tilt.

This is incorrect. Z_tilt adjusts Z motors independently to level the bed. Bed_tilt is used to compensate for a tilted bed on a printer without independent Z motors.

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How does bed tilt function? What’s the difference with bed mesh?

A mesh requires probing at least 9 points and should be used if your bed is not flat. Bed tilt assumes the bed is flat, and adjusts to compensate for tilt.

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