BL Touch issue + BTT Octopus + Klipper

Hi Everyone.

I have an Ender 6 upgraded with Antclabs BL touch + Octopus 1.1 board and Raspbery Pi Zero 2W Running Klipper. All this has been working like a charm for months.
Recently i am getting an weird issue.
When i start Klipper i get no errors.
If i do a STEPPER_BUZZ command on all 3 axes, everything is working as it should.

When i´m doing homing either Z or X or Y or ALL i see the bed lowering and receive an error on klipper that says:

MCU ‘mcu’ shutdown: Timer too close
This often indicates the host computer is overloaded. Check
for other processes consuming excessive CPU time, high swap
usage, disk errors, overheating, unstable voltage, or
similar system problems on the host computer.
Once the underlying issue is corrected, use the
“FIRMWARE_RESTART” command to reset the firmware, reload the
config, and restart the host software.
Printer is shutdown

I already checked all cables and everything is ok. Tried alternative Pi with same results, then i decided to check the BL touch and noticed that it was not working as it should. When i turn the printer on i see the pin going up and down twice and stay red light but if i use BLTOUCH_DEBUG COMMAND=pin_down nothing happens, if i pull it out light goes off and do a pin_up also nothing happens, at this point if i do a BLTOUCH_DEBUG COMMAND=reset, i see the pin going up again and turn red.
This is probably the reason why Klipper is throwing the error.
I have diassembled it and cleaned the pin with isopropilic alcohol but did not help.
I have also checked the pins on the octopus and they match the ones on the config file.
Sending the Klippy log in advance.
Any help is apreciated.
klippy (2).log (1014.2 KB)

You also have

TMC 'stepper_z' reports GSTAT:      00000001 reset=1(Reset)
TMC 'stepper_z' reports GSTAT:      00000000

in your logs. This surely is some sort of hardware issue, but does not necessarily mean the Z stepper / stepper driver has issues. Such errors can also be caused by other defect peripherals like your BLtouch.

Such errors are hard to diagnose. Basically only option is removing / disabling / swapping components to pin down the problematic one.

Yes, i already know it´s hardware issue because i had an image backup dated Feb 2022 and when i restored it and hit home did the same problem.
If it would be the stepper driver or stepper Z motor when i perform the steeper buzz would i not see some error too ?
No issue with stepper buzz in all axis.
Just replaced driver on the Z and nothing changed.
At the moment i do not have a spare BL touch to replace but still it is strange it does not do nothing with pin up or pin down commands.

So, if you know that it is a defect hardware, what input do you expect?

I am here looking for help.
Swapping all components is not an easy task to get to the component that is generating this error.
Since i do not have a bltouch to swap at the moment, is there a way for example to disable the bl touch and try via endstop switch ?

I have swapped the BLtouch with a new one and is happening the same problem, so i am discarding issues with the BLtouch.
Also installed a CRtouch with not so much success, same error as bltouch.
I do not know where to go next.