BL Touch issue, SKR mini

klippy-2.log (906.5 KB)
I am VERY new and a noob to klipper and everything so please be patient with me:)

I have an Ender 5+ for over a year and decided to try klipper. The printer was 100% functional prior to Klipper install/upgrade so I am thinking wiring is correct. I am able to home X and Y but the BL touch is throwing an error, attached.

Can someone please assist? Thanks!

Depending if you have a genuine BLTouch or a clone, carefully work through BL-Touch - Klipper documentation

Also mind:

  • That you have enough space between the probe and the bed for the pin to fully extend
  • Potentially use another probing pin, e.g. Z-Stop instead of the dedicated probe port (some BTT boards are known for having issues with this pin)
  • For the probe pin, you need to specify a software pull-up (^), for the Z-Stop pin not

Currently plugged in like so…