Problem with BL touch

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender5Plus
MCU / Printerboard: Creality Silent Board V2.2

Describe your issue:

Trying to run klipper for the first time with the v2.2 silent board,bltouch was working fine when i was using marlin.But now i am have problem with it.

BLTOUCH_DEBUG COMMAND=pin_down this code runs perfectly,
BLTOUCH_DEBUG COMMAND=pin_up this code doesnt work.
BLTOUCH_DEBUG COMMAND=reset this code takes bltouch into a cycle that moves the pin up and down so THIS gets me confused.
I think if the reset code can move the needle up and down flawlessly,so why the pin_up code doesnt work.
I need to mention that QUERY PROBE always responds as open,no matter if the pin is at the lower position or higher position.


So nobody will likely stop to help you if you do not include the klippy.log. Now, I am not a developer, so let me see if I can help you. Just in the future, klippy.log, or they do not help you.

I do not have that board, but if I understand it is this one? Reddit - Dive into anything

That is a Mega2560? Is your Z_MIN pin 18?

If you could also provide your printer.cfg that would help. You can click the upload icon, or you can just drag and drop it in the window below where you are typing.


It is not that we do not want to help, but most questions and missing pieces of information are answered with the klippy.log.
So it saves us all time and makes help more efficient.

And it is not too much effort to deliver the klippy.log to get some help.
We all do this in our free time!

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I know, that is what I was trying to convey. I know if your are helping people, then you can not waste your time tryin got solve a problem you do not have information to understand.

That is why I started off with: “So nobody will likely stop to help you if you do not include the klippy.log.”

I was just trying to educate and help. If you do not already think like a coder, this is kind of like alien rocket science. This stuff is hard for people how do not yet understand it.

I thought it was here, but I was on a site that had a bot to tell the thread starter in a respond to get them to read. It that would tell them what information the were missing. It would say it was a bot and not a real person.

Was just trying to help, sorry if it offended anyone as that truly was not the intention.

Best regards ant respect,

Sorry for not providing any klipper.log file, i am a new klipper user so i dont know too much about it.
And my issue is solved by buying a new bltouch.Turns out both of my sensors was dead.
Thank you for trying to provide help,and teaching me how to post a problem.Next time i will be more careful and will provide more info.

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