Bq microprobe v2 ender 6 corexy y ender 3 pro

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender 6 corexy - Ender 3 pro
Printerboard: Creality V4.3.1 – 32-bit board with TMC2209 drivers

Hello everyone, I bought 2 bq microprobe v2, one for ender 6 corexy and another for ender 3 pro, I thought it would be simple and I feel stupid because I don’t know what to do, I read a lot but I don’t understand.
For Ender 6 Corexy I know where to connect everything but I need to compile the file and I don’t understand the pins, on top of that I don’t know English and I do everything with a translator, and for the Ender 3 Pro I need to know where it connects to the 4.2.2 board. the probe and also compile the file too, I hope for your help if I have to invite you to something, no problem but I’m desperate

If you use the search function here with the right words (you may find those words here BIQU MicroProbe V2.0 für Extruder der H2-Serie Ender-3 B1 3D-Drucker – Biqu Equipment, you may find one very long topic, 66 replies.

Good luck, hcet14

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Well, I’ve been looking and I still can’t find the file plate for me, thank you anyway, but I’m not able to understand, I shouldn’t have bought the two levelers because I’m not capable, and I’m already worried about Klipper because not knowing English I don’t understand terms, I don’t understand anything, thanks for your help, he gave them to a friend and that’s it, this is causing me health problems, and I can’t spend 24 hours watching videos and reading because I like printers but it’s a Hobbit, but apart from that I have my job and I can’t stress anymore greetings

Can you provide photos of the new boards?

Sorry. I didn’t get, that you have problems with English.

Which part of Spain are you from? NoLoSe, you might consider English lessons, if you are interested in science and/or electronics! Everything is in English. I started learning English by listening to Rock/Blues/Pop music.

Hello, thank you all for responding, I have been traveling for a few days, and I arrived home a while ago.
EddyMI3D Now in a few minutes I will upload a photo of the boards and thanks in advance.
hcet14 thanks, I’m from Cartagena, Spain. I see the English classes with my very difficult job, I carry heavy cranes and work many hours, and the truth is if I were younger I would like to learn more about computer science, the reason why I think I was wrong in buying the micro probes , it’s because I thought it would be easy to search the internet and make them work, but it wasn’t.
Truly, what I like is printing and I really like designing with fusion 360, which I am learning little by little, but kliper is very difficult for me, when I see terms of mcu, raspberry, and things like that I realize that I am very older for this. well I take photos and upload them, if you can help me and if not, nothing happens, you are invited if you come to Cartagena for a few beers

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