Can Klipper detect Layer Shifts?

I have a v-core 3 and considering changing from the Duet board to Octopus v1.1 running Klipper/ Mainsail/ RatOS. My NEMA17 motors will be using 2209 drivers.

Klipper looks good except I can’t find any reference to sensorless homing and layer shift detection.

I would really like to be able to detect & send alarms on a layer shift, so wondering if it’s possible or not? If so, where can I find the documentation? Bonus question: How can a buzzer be hardwired as an alert for print start/end etc., or as an alarm when unexpected events like filament runout or layer shifts occur?

Thanks in advance!

Sensorless homing is supported provided you have the appropriate TMC stepper drivers (2209 works fine):

I’ve never seen any reference to layer shift detection in the documentation.

You should be able to run a simple piezo buzzer directly off one of the spare fan ports on the octopus. Just make sure you get a buzzer that can take 5/12/24V DC (a lot of them don’t) and run them at 100% duty cycle.