Can you use two screens with KlipperScreen

I am wondering if you can use two separate screens with KlipperScreen. I am thinking of one being larger like 7-ish inches and the second being smaller, like two inches. The idea being to use the smaller one to display a few important details, such as hot end temp. Can this be done? What would be the config for this?

…and if you can use 2 screens, then is it possible to have one of the screens show one printer and the other screen show another printer?

Ya, that would be cool. Would be really awesome if you could press a button someplace to swap which printer was on the big screen and which was on the smaller screen

If you’re talking about a 2" display - I’d like to have one on the Toolhead.

Display % complete/current layer/Temperatures all at a glance while you’re checking the print status.

Apart from the added weight on the hotend mount to be flung around, that would be cool to have all of that info right there.

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